“The best measure of the training effectiveness is whether I can comfortably and safely operate the airplane in the conditions in which I intend to use it.  I’m very confident that I will be able to do that.  I also think that my flying skills in other, very different airplanes will benefit.”

Bill G. Madison, WI


“The training with Ken was very effective. I liked that I was able to fly 3-4 hours a day and complete the course within 3 days with no interruptions. The breaks in flying were more than sufficient for recovering. I found the course curriculum to be efficient and clear.”

Pavel K. Houston, TX


“I thoroughly enjoyed spending the 2 days that I spent with you Ken.  You are a great instructor, teacher and mentor to all the aviation enthusiasts that you come in contact with.  I hope to be able to fly with you again in the Super Cub.  Take care and Thanks again!”

Todd L. Army King Air Pilot


“The clean and well-maintained super cub, the excellent verbal instruction in flight, the “show you once, and then you do it” atmosphere….all come together to form an excellent training course.”

Steve J. Boston, MA