Note: Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are not scheduling any tailwheel training at this time. 

You are probably here because you have an interest in learning to fly tailwheel airplanes.Perhaps you are building or buying a “conventional gear” aircraft, interested in flying the incredible Piper Super Cub,or simply want to experience the fun

and rewards of instinctive flying. We offer several training courses from basic to advanced. We fly over the spectacular Texas Hill Country, visiting remote ranch strips, and other challenging landing areas as you learn wheel landings, three point landings and precise short field techniques.

Most pilots complete the initial course in 2-3 days. I believe the best training happens when you are having fun and learning at your own pace. Your background, personality, experience and goals drive the training schedule. No matter what your motivation, we want to help you achieve your aviation training goals and become a safe, confident and competent tailwheel pilot.