Tres Clinton Update

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Tres Clinton is preparing to deploy to the Middle East with his Guard unit. Here is the latest….

Tres ClintonOur training is rounding 3rd.  We are starting pack and gather our gear.  The
first phase in Bastrop was much more fun than here.  Fort Hood is a different
place for sure.  Im continually amazed with the ridiculousness I see.  The Army
trains young soldiers to go down range equipped with 100s of thousands of
dollars worth of equipment some even millions with the expectations and
responsibilities unlike no other career in the United States; however, they must
have a LICENSE to operate a push mower!  A mower that is not even self
propelled, or with an electric start!  Haha!  The same mower I used when I was
10!  This would be a course I definitely would flunk so I didn’t have to mow.
Also, they have soldiers wearing a large arm band with CP (Courtesy Patrol)
embroidered tasked to correct other soldiers that have improper appearance in
the uniform or not participating in Army courtesies.  A couple of weeks ago we
grilled some fajitas and the guy cooking had his top of the uniform off to keep
it out of the smoke while still wearing his t-shirt.  The MPs (Military Police)
came by and instructed him to put his top back on.  We are behind a building
relaxing away from everyone!  No life is all I can think of.  I bet he can get a
job with Bertram PD after he gets out.  I can understand how some soldiers go
crazy when they get time off.  The over site and regulations are crazy!
head to Alabama a week from tomorrow to receive more training.  Since Im with an
aviation unit, the pilots have to receive their evaluation there from what I
understand.  We will also be evaluated in some mock scenarios.  We will be there
for about a week.  When we come back I get a 4 day pass that I plan on spending
with Caity in Fredericksburg starting the 29th of this month.  Im looking
forward to that!  After the pass we will be off.  We still have not been told of
the date we leave.
Im in a small group attached to a larger group.  There
are only 6 in my section.  We are much smaller than the average section.  The
benefit to our size is we will get to participate and be more involved than
others with our missions but at the same time this will keep us busier than
average.  We will see how it goes.  There will be a great possibility of us
getting a lot of call for fire practice there at the Udairi range which is near
Camp Buehring.  The Udairi range is a large piece of sand used for airstrikes
and cannon/ rocket firing practice.  This may top off any tannerite/ gasoline
4th of July I’ve ever been a part of!  I can’t wait!
Everything is going as
good as it can.  As long as the courtesy patrol is not over in Kuwait I will be
alright.   Im defiantly not worried one bit in having any mowing
responsibilities while Im there either.
Hope everyone is doing well!


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