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Insider’s Guide to the Private Pilot Oral Exam

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Have you wondered how to know if you are truly ready for your Private Pilot Practical Test? Much of the anxiety comes from not knowing what to expect from the evaluator. What kinds of questions will he or she ask? What standards will be used for grading? How long will the test be? What can I do to make sure I’m really prepared?

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In this “Insider’s Guide”, I have provided the answers to these questions and many more to help you succeed. You will learn the “key questions” that you must be prepared to answer and how to rehearse so you can confidently handle the evaluator’s inquiries. You will learn how to gather the key information and resources that you’ll need during the exam.


The “Insider’s Guide to the Private Pilot Oral Exam contains valuable tips and answers that really apply to any FAA Practical Test, although I’ve focused on the Private Pilot Oral. The companion e-book “Insider’s Guide to the Private Pilot Flight Test” will give you the rest of the information you need. It describes the maneuvers and key elements of the flight portion.


As an experienced FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, I’ve given over 1000 tests. I have seen applicants who were amazingly well prepared and watched them sail through their exam with no difficulty. But, often, I’ve watched many others who clearly knew much of the required information simply self-destruct under the pressure of the evaluation. This guide is my way of helping you achieve your aviation dream of becoming a Private Pilot.


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