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For many years I have dreamed of flying an amphibious floatplane around Southeast Alaska. In the summer of 2020, a series of serindipitous events provided a window of opportunity. I was ready to stop doing tailwheel and floatplane instruction so I traded several airplanes for a beautiful Cessna 182S on Wipline 3000 amphibious floats.

In the photo, I am standing at the beach on Baranhoff Island. My buddy Mike and I flew in to hike to an amazing natural hotspring situated alongside a roaring rapid where a river poured into the bay.


August 2020


Tongass National Forest, Southeast Alaska

Alaska Floatplane Trip 2020

The freshwater lakes of the Tongass are absolutely pristine. 

Each cabin has a skiff provided so I took a 2.5 hp outboard which made catching trout for dinner much easier.

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