Home Sweet Home!

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I’m happy to be back in Gods country of Burnet, Texas.  After 9 month in the Middle East I realize how fortunate we as Americans are to live in not only a great country but, a gorgeous part of the world.  If your not familiar with the sights and scenery of Kuwait, find your nearest 5 foot by 5 foot sandbox, add a space heater and an industrial size fan and now you have seen and experienced the entire waterless beech of a country called Kuwait.  It’s such an ugly country the birds don’t even fly there, much less civilians.  Flying over the rolling hills and highland lakes has only become more attractive and enjoyable.  My deployment was without regret, and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to serve my country.  It is a positive experience that I will never forget but do not have a strong desire to return.  I can compare it to running 10 miles, throughout the run you are motivated, tired, excited, and kind of bored.  Once you complete the race, there is a feeling of great relief and a strong sense of accomplishment along with no desire to return to the starting line and run the distance again.  We as Americans don’t realize exactly what we have and what we have the opportunity to achieve.  Flying is one amazing opportunity that very few in this world ever experience in their short lifetime.  I am more than ever happy to fly in this beautiful place and work with great people.  I plan on working at Promark lightly for this month and will resume full time in February.  I hope everyone will be smiling as much as I will in the air.  Come fly with me and experience what others don’t.


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