Jeff Starts TW Training

Jeff is here from Tyler, Texas to learn to be a tailwheel pilot. Don and his wife arrived yesterday after a 6.5 hour drive. Jeff flies a Diamond DA-40 for pleasure and to work on his instrument rating. He flew the Super Cub for 3 hours today, working on instinctive flying techniques and learning to takeoff and land the airplane. We also did some sight-seeing along the Canyons of the Colorado and...

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Chicago Tod is a Tailwheel Pilot!

Tod Stanton has completed the Super Cub training course and a Flight Review. He flew down to Burnet from Chicago, spent three days with Ken flying all around the Hill Country while learning what all tailwheel pilots know…this is fun! Tod is a landscape architect and is leaving for Africa later this month to volunteer with a group that installs playground equipment in remote villages. He...

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Steve Johnson Super Cubbin’!

Steve lives in Tauton, MA but his in-laws live in Cedar Park, so he visits from time to time. He flew with Ken for his tailwheel training a few weeks ago and wanted to brush up a bit. He brought his father in law, John Dooley, with him this morning. John is also a pilot with a long history as a Naval aviator and civilian pilot and engineer. John and Steve are rebuilding a 1946 Cessna 140, which...

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