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Remos Kaput!

Last Monday night’s severe thunderstorm broke the tie-down ropes on the Remos GX LSA and severely damaged the airplane. The Remos hit the overhead beam of the shelter before crashing into the support beam and the neighboring airplane. The damage was extensive and resulted in a total loss. We will be dealing with insurance issues and re-scheduling students as we can work out options. In a...

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Landing in Sandy Creek

Friday morning, Pavel and I set out to do some “off-airport” work in his CC Top Cub with 31″ Bushwheels. We selected a smooth section of creek bottom along Sandy Creek. After several low passes to check for wires, obstacles, etc. we made a landing. Here is a photo of the airplane sitting on the sand. What...

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Pavel’s New TopCub

Pavel bought a Cub Crafters Top Cub from Mike Sisemore recently and is here in Burnet for transition training. He brought his family along to enjoy the Texas Hill Country while he learns the advanced skills required to feel comfortable in his new airplane. The Top Cub has 180 HP and 31″ Alaska Bushwheels so Pavel can land on unimproved surfaces such as cow pastures, sand bars and beaches....

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