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No More Medical?

As many of you know, EAA and AOPA have petitioned the FAA to allow pilots to fly aircraft up to 180 HP and with only one passenger without an FAA Medical. Many of us in the industry have been waiting anxiously to see what the FAA would do. While there is still no answer, here is a link to a recent video where Craig Fuller explains the latest news. While he is somewhat pessimistic that the FAA...

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Flying Mag Article

Some of you have commented on the article I wrote for Flying magazine. Occasionally, Pia Berqvist  requests that I send her my thoughts on various training topics that are discussed in the “Flight School” section. This month, the topic was Decision Making and how to teach new pilots to be flexible in their en route decision making. This is an interesting topic because, as an examiner...

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FSS to the Rescue!

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post about the Enhanced Search and Rescue Program being introduced in Alaska. I had e-mailed Flight Service to ask if the Delorme InReach device would be included as this is what I’ll be taking to Alaska this summer. This morning I received a call from a lady named Angela who works in the Kenai FSS. She was calling to let me know they are working on...

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New Search & Rescue Tool

The FAA announced a new Search & Rescue program that works with satellite communicators such as the SPOT device. A test program in Alaska to integrate the consumer tracking devices Spot and Spidertracks with FAA search-and-rescue has been successful, officials said last week. The Enhanced Special Reporting Service was tested for two years and now has been made an official option for all...

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Scot’s New Paint Job

Now that’s a neat paint job! Scot Warren, the Cubcrafters sales rep for Texas and Louisiana, has a new paint job on his Carbon Cub. I have seen it up close and it is amazing. Hopefully Scot will bring the airplane to the upcoming Bluebonnet Airshow, April 13th. The Carbon Cub flies as great as it looks. If you have an opportunity to catch a ride, I encourage you to do it, but be prepared...

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Rick’s First Student Solo

Rick and Adolfo flew the Cessna 172 today. After three nice landings, Rick stepped out and Adolfo took the airplane around the pattern “alone and unafraid”. What he did not realize was that this was Rick’s first official solo student. Rick is an experienced pilot and accomplished CFI, but he had not had a primary student before now. So, congratulations to both Rick and Adolfo....

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