Texas STOL Demonstration Team at the Alliance Airshow

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_DSC0129N9496D landing during the Alliance Airshow STOL DemoWhat is a Super Cub doing flying with the Blue Angels? Well, a couple of weeks ago I joined a few other pilots at the Bell Helicopter Alliance Airshow in Fort Worth to do a Short Takeoff and Landing demonstration. Along with a DeHavilland Beaver, three Carbon Cubs and a STOL Cessna 182, we practiced on Friday and performed for the crowd on Saturday and Sunday. Each airplane’s takeoff distance and landing distance was combined for a total score.

The first pass required a landing over a 25 foot tall inflatable pylon to simulate landing over an obstacle, and the second was just a maximum effort to stop as soon as possible beyond the target line. (I actually disqualified on Saturday by touching down just short of the mark.) As each airplane completed a takeoff and landing, the results were radioed to the announcer’s stand and passed to the crowd.

STOL competitions showcase the capabilities of these backcountry airplanes and pilots in a very entertaining way. The airshow audience was treated to a unique look at this segment of general aviation and we got an opportunity to experience the life of an airshow performer for a few hours. Great Fun!

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