Two Weeks and Counting Down

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With less than two weeks until “D” (Departure Day), I am sensing the pace of preparation picking up. The guys at Faulkner’s Air Shop have been completing the Annual Inspection, some needed repairs and improvements to make sure everything possible is ready on the airplane. I still have a couple of tailwheel courses to teach during the next two weeks, so I will have an oil change done, the cargo pod mounted and two new main tires installed just before I leave on June 7th. The plan now, is to fly from Burnet to southern Colorado on day 1. My son, Trey and his family live near Ft. Garland. I hope to spend the weekend with them before heading north toward Idaho.

Most of the supplies and equipment is assembled. I still need to figure out the packing order and where to store everything. This is fairly complex, given that I need easy access to some items, while other stuff can go deep in the pod or extended baggage. However, weight and balance also enters into the equation. I need to keep the heavy stuff forward. The rear control stick and seat will be removed and stored in the very back of the airplane so I can utilize the max storage area just behind the front seat.

I have updated the database in Foreflight and Wing-X, and reviewed the airport information in the Canadian Supplement. I still don’t know where we plan to cross into Canada, but the process seems straightforward outbound. I expect it will be a bit more complicated re-entering the U.S., given the eAPIS requirements.

I will begin updating the Blog more often as D Day approaches. I will also send out another e-mail to the distribution group that will give everyone the link to my Delorme InReach device so anyone who wishes to track our progress, will be able to do so via the web-site.


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