Sunny Resurrection Bay

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If you script a perfect day in Seward, it would feature clear skies, calm winds, cool temperatures with a bright sun. Add in a sea kayaking tour with folks who have a passion for wild places and you have everything necessary for a great time.

We spent three hours paddling around Fox Island among otters, sea lions, puffins and assorted humans. Our guides, Matt and Andrea, provided a running commentary about the history, geology, zoology and anthropology of this incredibly beautiful bay.


After a salmon lunch, we rejoined the boat for a tour around Resurrection Bay. Steep mountains ring this fiord carved by glaciers, some of which are still visible in the valleys above. The water is pristine and the wildlife is abundant. On top of a couple of bluffs we spot old concrete bunkers used by the U.S. military to watch for Japanese invaders during World War II.


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