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After a 3 hour and 20 minute cruise from Lubbock, I landed in Burnet at 2:30 PM today. I spent some of the flight making notes about the trip in order to put together a few more posts to share lessons learned, highlights, things I would do again or not, mistakes, must do items for any future trips and insights that might help others who are considering a similar trip.

There is still a great deal of cockpit camera footage to review as well. I had no way to see it during the trip, so this will be a fun “look back”. I did take a quick peek and some of it is spectacular.

Tomorrow, I’ll clean the airplane, schedule it’s 100 hour inspection and get ready to resume flight training and checkrides.

I have many folks to thank, starting with my wife for supporting and encouraging this adventure. Then, our clients and students for being patient with my absence. I can’t forget Fritz for building such an amazing airplane and Dale and crew for the prep work.

Then there are my friends and traveling companions, Lou, Dawson and Mike. Their enthusiasm and sense of adventure added immeasurably to the experience. I look forward to our next trip!

And, are all of you who have offered best wishes, thoughts and prayers. Many have followed the trip via the InReach tracker, making comments that added further encouragement. I truly am humbled by all the interest and kind words, so thanks again.

Although this trip is over, hopefully others await. I saw a tee shirt in Seward that summed it up nicely. The printing on the front said “don’t confuse living a long life with an interesting one.” Works for me!


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