Day 2 – North Pass

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Crossing thru North Pass between Saugache and Gunnison at 12,000 with a whopping 60 knots

ground speed. I am flying at 12,000 MSL, which is the highest altitude so far. In fact, it may be the highest

of the entire trip. The Super Cub really struggled to get this high, often needing a bit of help from updrafts

in order to gain altitude at all. As I entered the pass, the ground was less than 2000 feet below with terrain

on either side rising above my altitude. Suddenly I heard a radio call “airplane in North Pass do you copy?”

I was on 122.80 and answered the call. Turns out, there is a pilot who lives in the canyon who has an

aviation radio. We visited for a few minutes about my trip, then he wished me a safe journey and we

disconnected. Once through the pass, I descended slightly as I entered the Gunnison River Valley.


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