Being “In the Moment”

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As I sit here this evening, reflecting back of the first few days of this journey, I find it necessary to remind myself to be “in the moment”. It is all too easy to look ahead to our departure on Sunday, crossing the U.S. border, outbound for Alaska. Instead, I need to savor the small things that have already happened and appreciate the singular opportunity that each day brings.

It is 8:30 PM and the sun is below the west ridge, but reflected light illuminates the Super Cub in the near distance. The creek is providing its delightful white noise and the few campers have started their campfires against the cooling temperature. The aroma of woodsmoke drifts my way. There is a rain shower to the south which may force us all into our tents early tonight. There is a fragrance of the forest in the coolness that reminds me how much I love being here. All in all, it is a John Denver moment in time.

Yesterday was a long, hot and tiring day. By the last hour, my back had just about had all it wanted of that front seat. I was regretting the decision to push on past Utah. Arriving in Twin Falls in mid 90’s heat to find the FBO closed and, at first, no taxi to help me get to a motel added to the pain. In short, I was not having fun! But, then the taxi lady called back, I got a ride to the Shilo Inn and the air conditioning and shower was certainly ample compensation. You simply appreciate the simple pleasures more when you have to work a bit for them.

Now the light is fading, a light rain is starting to fall, and it is time to stow the gear, move into the tent and read for a bit before lights out. So ends Monday and it truly is a great day.



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