Adios Amigos

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Mike and Lou are headed home today and I am already missing them. Lou left from Fairbanks this morning, beginning the long trek towards Atlanta. Mike flew to meet Judy and me at the glacier to recover the zodiac. He will take a commercial flight tonight back to New York and family, leaving his airplane awaiting his return in September. Mike was primarily responsible for researching the places we’ve been. He has guided our group from one amazing experience to another while entertaining us with stories of past adventures and with a warm friendship that added so much to my trip. I feel a true connection to both Lou and Mike and I can’t wait for our next opportunity to explore. Fair skies guys!

After Judy and I helped get the boat, motor and gear back across the 1.5 mile distance between the lake and the strip, we decided to drive to Talkeetna due to the uncertain weather. It has been raining on and off all day, so having all of our gear in the rental car is great. We found a neat little cabin on a lake near Talkeetna for the night, drove to the grocery for some supplies and food and returned to fix a great meal while gazing at the lake.

We are both tired from the exercise of the boat recovery so this cabin is perfect. We considered camping but with the rain still falling, we decided to opt for the comforts of the cabin.

During the flight this morning, Judy got to see a moose in the ponds near Wasilla. Then during the trek back and forth to the glacier lake, she scared up a nesting pair of willow ptarmigans. They squawked and flapped at our feet, trying to distract us from their nearby nest.quite a show really, as they followed us for about 100 yards, staying within 5 feet or so the whole time. This time of year they are wearing their summer colors of brown and tan. In the winter, they wii be entirely white to blend into the snow.




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