Super cub

Why Alaska?

My friend Richard called a few days ago with a question that has caused me some difficulty in formulating a cogent answer. “Why Alaska?” he asked, then added “and if you are insistent on doing this, why go in that little yellow airplane when you have a perfectly usable Bonanza that is twice as fast and much more comfortable?” I also know there are other friends and family...

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Andrew is a Tailwheel Pilot!

Andrew McCarthy just completed two days of training in the Super Cub with me. He only needed six hours to complete the basic tailwheel course including some significant crosswind practice on the first day, as we were dealing with the remnants of the strong cold front that blew in on Wednesday night. Despite the bumpy air, Andrew practiced 3 Point and Wheel landings, short and rough field takeoff...

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Rebuild Big Creek!

Big Creek Lodge was originally built in the 1930’s in Idaho’s back country. Pilots and outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed it for years until it burned to the ground in 2008. Now, a group of pilots and supporters is working to rebuild Big Creek. I support this effort, in fact I just made a donation to the cause. So far, over 1/2 of the estimated cost has been raised. I hope you will...

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Jeff Starts TW Training

Jeff is here from Tyler, Texas to learn to be a tailwheel pilot. Don and his wife arrived yesterday after a 6.5 hour drive. Jeff flies a Diamond DA-40 for pleasure and to work on his instrument rating. He flew the Super Cub for 3 hours today, working on instinctive flying techniques and learning to takeoff and land the airplane. We also did some sight-seeing along the Canyons of the Colorado and...

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Steve Johnson Super Cubbin’!

Steve lives in Tauton, MA but his in-laws live in Cedar Park, so he visits from time to time. He flew with Ken for his tailwheel training a few weeks ago and wanted to brush up a bit. He brought his father in law, John Dooley, with him this morning. John is also a pilot with a long history as a Naval aviator and civilian pilot and engineer. John and Steve are rebuilding a 1946 Cessna 140, which...

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