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Why Alaska?

My friend Richard called a few days ago with a question that has caused me some difficulty in formulating a cogent answer. “Why Alaska?” he asked, then added “and if you are insistent on doing this, why go in that little yellow airplane when you have a perfectly usable Bonanza that is twice as fast and much more comfortable?” I also know there are other friends and family...

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Karla & Ken

Karla Elizondo and Ken on the way back to Burnet from Llano after practicing takeoffs & landings. Karla, Adolfo and their parents are visiting from Monterrey during their Spring Break holiday. Adolfo has been flying with Rick, Karla with me and Gustavo has been building his solo hours in his Carbon Cub. Adolfo has begun his cross country and night training lesssons. Today, he and Rick will...

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Heath Flies his First Lesson!

Please welcome Heath Wright to the ProMark aviation training program. Heath flew his first lesson this morning in the Remos GX and did very well. Heath lives in Marble Falls, works in Mortgage financing at HNB Mortgage. He wants to fly for fun and is still not sure about this “steer with your feet”...

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