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I flew out via American Airlines on Thursday to teach for the Bonanza Pilot Training group. I sometimes forget how privileged we are as GA pilots so an occasional airline flight serves up a rude reminder. Our flight from Killeen to DFW was delayed by low ceilings which is fine with me except if I had chosen to fly the Bonanza, I would have not had any weather issues as the low IMC was local to the Dallas area. We sat out by the runway for 45 minutes then took off. Once we arrived in DFW, of course our connecting flight Tucson had already left. I was re-booked for another leaving shortly so no big deal up to this point. Once aboard the TUS flight, we taxiied out, stopped and waited. After 10 minutes we taxiied back toward the gate. Turns out we needed to be de-iced which is confusing since the temperature was in the high 40’s. the de-icing truck arrived but nothing happened. After about 30 minutes we are informed that the de-icing cannot proceed until the De-icing supervisor is located as he has to sign off on the work. Another 20 minutes goes by before the de-icing is complete and we finally depart.

Upon arrival in Tucson, I wait for my bag, which I had foolishly checked in Killeen. After 30 minutes, no bag appears and a check determines it has taken an uncertain journey of its own with a new ETA of 8 PM. I arrange for delivery to the hotel and go to dinner with friends. Around 10PM, I check on line and discover the bag is MIA but am assured that most bags are located within 24 hours and not to worry until 5 days have elapsed. It finally shows up at midnight and refuses to tell me where it has been or with whom.

The Bonanza Training group is the premier provider of type specific instruction in the U.S. and I am pleased to be associated with them. I presented a new seminar on emotion and cognition titled “What Were They Thinking?”. Then I flew with two different Bonanza pilots where we practiced a variety of VFR and IFR maneuvers as well as emergency procedures. Flying in the desert this time of year is simply spectacular. The National Guard F-16s were out in force over the weekend so we enjoyed watching them coming and going.

The Instructor Cadre is very close as we’ve been teaching together for several years in different venues around the country. It is always fun to see each other and catch up. I presented the Alaska trip highlights for the client dinner on Friday night as many Bonanza pilots would like to fly their airplanes on an Alaskan adventure.

Judy flew out on Friday and joined us for a mini-getaway. It was nice having her meet the team as well.

Now we are on the flight home and already we have been informed that the flight from DFW to Killeen is cancelled. Like I said, I should have just flown the Bonanza.



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