Seaplane Training

Ready for a new adventure? Learn to fly floats in our beautiful Piper PA-12 on Wipline amphibious floats. Most pilots can complete the course in 3 to 4 days while enjoying the Texas Hill Country. Plus, with our “no surprises” guarantee, you know exactly what the cost will be. Each day’s training will include time for a shore lunch or a stop at a nearby restaurant. We make learning fun with a relaxed schedule and plenty of time for sightseeing, splash and go landings and even some swimming or fishing if desired. Why not bring the family and make your training part of a Texas Hill Country vacation?

The training course includes 6 hours of flight time in the PA-12 plus flight, ground and classroom instruction as needed. We have a comprehensive course guide available that will help you prepare for your training. Once you have scheduled your course, we will send this along so sign up today!



 Seaplane Training Course includes:

6 hours of flight time in the Piper PA-12 Amphibian

  • All flight, ground and classroom instruction
  • Our proprietary Training Guide
  • Preparation for the Oral and Flight Practical Test
  • Our “No Surprises” guarantee*

Current Cost           $2395.00

No Surprises Guarantee: in the unlikely event that you do not pass your FAA Practical Test, we will provide additional flight and ground training at no cost to you in order to prepare you for the re-test. Note: an additional Practical Test fee may apply.

So what is not included?

  • Check Ride Fees. We will schedule your FAA Practical Test with a local Examiner. You will pay the Examiner directly for your check ride.
  • Lodging
  • Meals, except for shore lunches
  • Additional flight time and instructor fees for clients who want more flight time to explore the Highland Lakes or who may simply want more float time. We will be happy to accommodate your wishes as much as possible.

Want some additional flight time?

Dual instruction is available at $260.00 per hour in our floatplane. If you bring your floatplane, we can provide instruction for $80.00 per hour.

Perhaps you would like an Introduction to Floatplanes….

We can provide a 1 hour introduction to flying floatplanes that includes a couple of takeoffs and splash-downs to give you a taste of the fun that you can have in a floatplane. We’ll give you an overview of water handling, docking and beaching as we fly out to one of the nearby lakes. Cost is $350.00.

For the Ultimate Water Flying Experience, check out our:

Deluxe Seaplane Training Course

If you want the ultimate seaplane training experience, this is the course for you. More lakes, more flight time, more advanced water handling skills including river operations, confined water takeoffs and landings, more challenging docking, ramping and beaching all designed to build your skills and experience.

The course is scheduled over four days so you have plenty of time to explore the lakes and rivers of Central Texas, searching for secluded coves, hidden beaches, challenging terrain while performing lots of takeoffs and landings along with frequent stops at restaurants on the water.

You will log at least 10 hours of flight time during your training in the PA12 Amphibian. At the end of the course you will have the knowledge, skill and experience to fly confidently and safely as a seaplane pilot.

Course Cost $3595.00