Bonanza Training

Do you fly a Beech Bonanza?

Beechcraft-Bonanza-G36bigWe provide the best model specific training you can find for Bonanza pilots. Ken is an authorized instructor for the Bonanza Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP) and for the Bonanza & Baron Pilot Training Program (PBPT). These are the two premier training providers in the United States for Beechcraft Bonanza owners. Whether you attend the BPPP On-Line + Flight program or the PBPT in-person clinics, or if you need transition training after purchasing your Bonanza, Ken has the experience and the knowledge to make your training efficient and cost effective.

The Bonanza is an amazing airplane, but there are specific skills that you need to practice regularly to maintain proficiency. Perhaps you are uncomfortable with slow flight and stalls. Maybe you have never practiced emergency descents or manual gear extension. We can help you attain or regain real proficiency so you will be competent and confident in your knowledge and skills.

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