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Ike Weathers, Master Pilot

I sometimes wonder how to recognize a life well lived, as I imagine it to be, particularly when viewed through the admittedly narrow focus on friends and clients, most of whom are aviators. Recently, I had the rare privilege of presenting the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award to Ike Weathers, who at 80 is still actively pursuing a pilot’s quest for excellence and adventure. The Wright...

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Bouncing and Splashing with Herb & Liza

Liza Kummer and Herb Scott were here last weekend for some “Adventure Training”. We flew the Super Cub first on Saturday. Since both Liza and Herb already had their tailwheel endorsements we concentrated on some advanced techniques including landing really short and exploring some of the remote ranch strips in the Texas Hill Country. On Sunday, we moved to the floatplane. Neither...

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It’s “take a Kid Swimming” Time

Son Jeff is home for a few days and wanted to check out the float plane so we did a few splash and go’s before finding a great swimming spot. He took to it like a….well you know the rest. Alberto finished his training today and is scheduled to take his ASES checkride next week. We did emergency procedures, step turns and mooring practice this morning. We even found a concrete ramp...

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Float Plane Fun Times Two

Alberto Morales from Monterrey, Mexico, began his float plane training today, learning to perform “splash & goes”, step taxi, etc. After almost three hours, Alberto was done for the day, so I took Jeffrey Heyman who is instructing for me, and started his float plane training as well. We got to work on some glassy water as well as all the basics. Both students are doing great....

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Andrew is a Tailwheel Pilot!

Andrew McCarthy just completed two days of training in the Super Cub with me. He only needed six hours to complete the basic tailwheel course including some significant crosswind practice on the first day, as we were dealing with the remnants of the strong cold front that blew in on Wednesday night. Despite the bumpy air, Andrew practiced 3 Point and Wheel landings, short and rough field takeoff...

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Karla & Ken

Karla Elizondo and Ken on the way back to Burnet from Llano after practicing takeoffs & landings. Karla, Adolfo and their parents are visiting from Monterrey during their Spring Break holiday. Adolfo has been flying with Rick, Karla with me and Gustavo has been building his solo hours in his Carbon Cub. Adolfo has begun his cross country and night training lesssons. Today, he and Rick will...

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