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Terlingua Ranch, Big Bend Texas

  The wind funnels off Taurus Mesa and sweeps through the canyons of Terlingua Creek, stirring up some low level turbulence as we make the descent into the gravel strip at Terlingua Ranch. For the last hour we have flown over the convoluted landscape west of the Pecos, viewing the terrain carved by wind and water over eons of time. This is a harsh country with almost no surface water, little...

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Everyday Heroes

I just finished reading Joaquin Jackson’s book, “One Ranger” about his life in West Texas as a member of the legendary law enforcement unit during a period of dramatic cultural change. His story is full of wonderful characters, some of whom have gone on while others remain in the Texas I know. Most of all, I was struck by the character of his mentors, friends and fellow...

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Tucson Flight Training

I flew out via American Airlines on Thursday to teach for the Bonanza Pilot Training group. I sometimes forget how privileged we are as GA pilots so an occasional airline flight serves up a rude reminder. Our flight from Killeen to DFW was delayed by low ceilings which is fine with me except if I had chosen to fly the Bonanza, I would have not had any weather issues as the low IMC was local to...

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Flying with Tres

Well, all I can say is “Wow!” Tres wanted to fly the Super Cub yesterday afternoon to get current after being in Kuwait for almost a year. He needed a Flight Review as well. We headed over to a nearby grass runway that I use for training and asked him to do a three point landing. That’s when the fun began. The approach was great, speed was right, flaps set, carb heat on. As he...

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Ike Weathers, Master Pilot

I sometimes wonder how to recognize a life well lived, as I imagine it to be, particularly when viewed through the admittedly narrow focus on friends and clients, most of whom are aviators. Recently, I had the rare privilege of presenting the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award to Ike Weathers, who at 80 is still actively pursuing a pilot’s quest for excellence and adventure. The Wright...

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Llano “Fly In & Camp Out”

Mark your calendars for October 18-20, for the second annual Fly In & Camp Out event at the Llano airport (KAQO). This year’s event will be bigger and better with a movie night, flying activities and contests, food and drink. Bring your tents and lawn chairs and join us for a great Hill Country aviation experience. For more info, call the Llano airport or e mail Larry Cook at...

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