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Martt-With-May-1962-Flying-MagazineSome of you have commented on the article I wrote for Flying magazine. Occasionally, Pia Berqvist  requests that I send her my thoughts on various training topics that are discussed in the “Flight School” section. This month, the topic was Decision Making and how to teach new pilots to be flexible in their en route decision making. This is an interesting topic because, as an examiner for the FAA, I often see applicants who have a very hard time with this. Usually, they either don’t really have a grasp of the weather and the options available or they are following a plan without any real consideration for all the things that can cause a quick change of plans. Anyone who has been flying for any length of time learns to be very flexible during a trip and to be willing to divert to a nearby airport when things go wrong. There is a balance between making a plan and being willing to change it quickly. You can “over plan” a trip to the point where you are reluctant to abandon it. However, some pilots fail to plan much at all, preferring to figure it out as they go along. While this can work if the weather is good and nothing serious goes wrong, it can be the first step onto that slippery slope that leads to an unpleasant outcome.

If you are interested in reading the article, it is on page 42 of the April issue.

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