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We climbed out of Peavine at a field elevation of 2300 feet for a mountaintop 4000 feet higher to attempt a landing at a secret strip called Wolverine. Mike has been searching for it for a few years and finally figured out where it is located. We circle around, make a couple of low passes before Mike leads us in for an uphill landing. As we shut down and try to calm down from the pulse pounding approach and landing I realize that we are parked on this tiny landing spot with shear drops only a few feet away along with stunning vistas of snow capped peaks across the deep canyon.

Not for the faint of heart or folks with a fear of heights. Almost too much fun once again. After collecting some photos and trying to get our pulse rates back to normal, depart Wolverine and begin a grand tour of backcountry strips around the area. Lou calculated that we landed at some 28 different runways in the last few days. Some were typical airports with services while others were basically an ATV trail serving a hunting camp. Many are not marked but Mike has researched the area extensively and found their locations. I’ve included some photos to give you a sense of the places we’ve been.





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