Changes in Latitude

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This is Judy’s last day in Alaska for this trip as she is scheduled to catch the Red Eye flight at 1:30 AM heading back to Texas, back to work and to deal with the issues and chores waiting at home including a broken AC system. We took advantage of the continuing good weather to make a flight up over the glacier above Little George Lake and into the back side of Prince William Sound. Once again the scenery is beyond my ability to describe with ice filled high mountain valleys, snowfields and sheer rocky ridgelines falling to tundra and forests lining the glacier fed rivers below. Prince William Sound, of course was the site of the Exxon Valdez disaster back in the 1980’s when the super tanker ran into Bligh Reef and spilled crude oil into one of the most pristine wilderness environments on earth. Our view from 5000 feet is majestic with icebergs floating in the fiords, bright sunshine and smooth air. There is a sense that this is no place for an engine failure with very few options to stick the airplane if required. So, we circle around, shooting photos and video, then head back towards Wasilla.

Earlier, we visited the Seward Sealife Center which offers a great opportunity to see any of the creatures that make up this ecosystem. Some, such as the sea lions, puffins and seals are beautiful. Others, such as this guy, are spooky.

Once back in Wasilla, we re-pack everything as I plan to send unneeded camping gear, clothes, etc. back with Judy. We drive down to Anchorage, have dinner at Humpy’s and get to the airport around 8 PM. It is a bittersweet time as Judy settles in for the long wait to catch her flight. We have shared two wonderful weeks of this ongoing adventure and I will miss her terribly.


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