Alaska in My Rear View Mirror

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Although I still have a couple of stories to relate, but they are going to have to wait a bit until I can catch up. I am on the way home now, spending tonight in Red Deer, Canada. Yesterday I made it back to Watson Lake, arriving just in time at around 10:30 PM. This got me under the mandatory time to be on the ground since night VFR is not allowed in Canada. I hooked up with 3 Citabria pilots headed “Outside” on their way to New York. Last night, we landed in the rain, tied the airplanes down and camped in the terminal again.

We launched at 7 AM this morning, flew until 9 PM this evening and just finished dinner.

Two or three more long days should put me close to home if the weather holds.

I am already making notes about the lessons learned and want to share them with you soon. Keep watching for updates as time allows.

. It is a bittersweet time, knowing this adventure is drawing to a close, but what a ride it has been!

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